Sunday, October 21, 2007
C.P. Seven Eleven Changes Name To CP ALL PUBLIC COMPANY LTD.
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Bangkok, October 19, 2007  - Mr. Korsak Chairasmisak, Chief Executive Officer of C.P. Seven Eleven Public Co., Ltd. revealed that “CP ALL is like our guiding principle in creating better things in life for all parties, including shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, communities and society.  It also means the solidifying of our core business and binding all of employees to move the business forward to become a Daily Life Partner for Thai people.  These corporate values can be seen in the new CP ALL logo of 3 curving leaves standing besides the word “all”. The 3 leaves represent the perfect synergy of businesses within our group.  The blue leaf in the middle symbolizes strength and reliability of the Company's core business.  The light green leaves on each side represent the spring like spirit of blossoming and growth of new business that will strengthen and add value to our existing core business.”

the new CP ALL logo of 3 curving leaves standing besides the word “all”.


             Mr. Korsak also said that C.P. Seven Eleven Public Company Ltd. had operated the convenience store business for the 20th year with a network of 4,000 branches all over the Kingdom. The role of each store is to conveniently provide the products and services to meet the needs of our customers in a way that gives them a better quality of live. 



           C.P. Seven Eleven was established in 1988 with the first 7-Eleven store opening on Patpong Road, on June 1, 1989, a clean, modern store with emphasis on 24 hour convenient shopping. This was the model for other branches throughout Thailand to provide convenient time saving shopping in locations that were easily accessible to their local community. 


            In addition to 7-Eleven convenience stores, CP ALL also operates Counter Service, 7-Catalog and Smart Purse Cash Card with one million cardholders.  It also owns C.P. Retail and Marketing Co. Ltd., a leading frozen-food producer whose product range includes ready to eat meals and bakery. Retailink (Thailand) is the sales agent supplying all the equipment to fit out the retail-stores, while Gosoft (Thailand) provides the business information technology systems.

                                   CP All logo:Brand Architecture


            In 2005, the Company broke new ground in the world of Thai retail business with the opening of Panyapiwat Techno Business School, the first vocational school to teach students about the retail business in Thailand. The curriculum emphasized learning by doing.  Students earn extra income during on-job-training and guaranteed an employment after completion.  In the following year, 20 Panyapiwat Educational Centers were opened in Bangkok and up-country, giving the opportunity for young people to attend a centre close to their home and to be able to get a job in their area. In 2007, the Company opened Panyapiwat Institute of Technology offering studies for bachelor and master degrees in retail business that focused on business research within the retail business. This was another first of its kind in Thailand and attracted the attention of aspiring young people from all over the country.